Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 19.03.13004BI_RE_Buffet_01_stair

(Interior Visualisations of the ‘Club Hotel’, PARTI)

PARTI are working on the architecture and interiors of a ‘Club hotel’ on Kangaroo Island.




(Photograph of model))

PARTI are working on a research project based in High Wield, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.





(Interior photographs of a house on Canonbury Sq)

PARTI have recently completed a renovation of a house on Canonbury Sq, London.


(Photograph of the Mock-up Room, Mr Tang)

PARTI are have made a 1:1 prototype of a hotel room to test the process and finish.


(Photograph of the Mock-up Room, Mr Tang)

PARTI are making a 1:1 prototype of a hotel room to test the construction method, materials and details.




(Testing footprints on site)

PARTI are thrilled to have received planning permission for a 450 bedroom hotel on Kangeroo Island, South Australia


(Model making at Grymsdyke Farm)

Follow the new PARTI instagram @studio.parti for day-to-day updates of our design process







(Photographs of a recent site visit)

Our project on Canonbury Square has begun on site, due to finish towards the end of March!

snowy image


(The wine bar lodge on a snowy day)

Merry Christmas from all of us at PARTI!

IMG_6384 copy


IMG_6414 copy

(Photographs from Lunch, and with host, Mr. Xie)

Eleanor and Tom were hosted in Shenzhen to meet with investors, and to discus the American River development.


tiles021 copy


tiles018 copy copy



(Terrazzo; ceramic tile; marble)

PARTI have been working with suppliers from around China to source and develop materials for the American River Hotel project.



(postcard from Shanghai)

PARTI Shanghai office: Floor 6-12, Suite B, Orient International Building, 85 Lou Shan Guan Road, Shanghai 200336, P.R. China.







(Sara Usai)

Sara Usai


Welcome to the office Sara!



(Federico Cadeddu)

Federico Cadeddu


Welcome to the office Federico!



(Luis Ortega Govela)

Luis Ortega Govela


Welcome to the office, Luis!





(photographs of construction, Thailand)

PARTI were appointed design consultants for a new conference centre in Puket, Thailand. It is now in construction, due to finish in April!



(Hamzah Ahmed)

Hamzah Ahmed

BA (Cantab)

Welcome to the office Hamzah!





(1:200 formal models)

We have submitted planning permission for a renovation and extension on Rydon road, Islington.


(Oliver Partington)

Oliver Partington

MA (Cantab) MArch (UCL)

Welcome to the office Oli!


(photo of artwork)


Our bronze brick is on display at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2016!
8th June – 16th August at the RA, London W11 0BD


Property Details

(front facade of house)


PARTI’s renovation of a Georgian townhouse on Canonbury Square has just began on site.

Parti Hiring


PARTI are looking for Part II’s and Part I’s to join our team! We’re a small, but growing, office – testing out new ideas in the UK, and around the world. Please send an email to studio@parti.global, for more information about us, our projects and what we can offer. If you’re interested in working with us, please send a copy of your CV and a condensed portfolio.

Final Aerial View

(Palm Strings, bing maps)


PARTI has been commissioned to make a proposal for a site in Palm Springs that lies at the edge of the San Jacinto Mountains in the Coachella Valley desert region.




(model of proposal, photograph Sam Noonan Photography)


PARTI has submitted a planning application for a 250 room hotel + small boating harbour in the town of American River, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

In a few months, PARTI will travel back to South Australia to carry out a public consultation, government design reviews, and meet with our many consultants in response to our application.



(Grymsdyke Farm)


PARTI has been collaborating with prototyping workshop, Grymsdyke farm, on developing facade ideas for our hotel project at  American River. Many thanks to Dr Guan Lee for sharing your wonderful facilities!

Parti London School of Architeecture

(drawing of soho, by students of the LSA 2015-2016)


Many thanks to Will Hunter, the Director and Founder of the LSA, for making Eleanor Hill and Tom Leahy ambassadors of the new school.

Poolside Gossip Large

(Poolside Gossip, Slim Aarons)


PARTI have been commissioned to look at site for a new micro-hotel in Palm Springs. We plan to travel there for a site visit in the coming months.

Daves house (placeholder)



PARTI have been commissioned to extend and renovate a terrace house in Islington.


(construction site)


PARTI acted as design consultants on a new conference centre in Puket, Thailand. The project is now on site, and due to finish in September 2016.


(extract from ‘WC1, PARTI’)


American River

(bedroom view followed by harbour view)


PARTI presents the American River Project to the office of Design and Architecture, South Australia (ODASA) in 1st Design Review for planning approval.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 17.16.16





(plan followed by photos of the site)

PARTI moves to Australia for 4 months.




(Guy Rochez)

Guy Rochez, Development Officer

MA(cantab), MA(RCA)

Guy joins PARTI as development officer to deepen PARTI’s involvement in larger projects. Welcome to the office Guy!

004_43 Valley view

(view of hotel)


PARTI presents the American River hotel project to MA Bartlett students (March GAD RC5) – with a particular focus on the relationship between landscape and architecture; environmental protection; and innovative construction methods.

Programmatic Diagram

(photo of artwork)


PARTI collaborates with Masters Unit (MarchGAD RC5) at the Bartlett, UCL, allowing students to carry out their research within the frame-work of the American River projects

Material Matters

hands on(PARTI sculpture and making process)

PARTI has been making objects whilst researching processes at Grymsdyke Farm.


(factories, Shanghai)

PARTI visits factories in and around Shanghai (researching for the American River Project), in order to begin the design process with knowledge of how it may be made.

Parti American River site


Parti American River site 2

(photo of artwork)

PARTI visits American River, on Kangeroo Island in South Australia. We were surprised to stumble across the end of a rainbow, right in the middle of our site!

nieche craft 3


niche craft

(Illustrations to accompany research)

PARTI does research with data company ‘Star Count’ to project ideas about the future of work in London.





(Eleanor Hill and Tom Leahy, PARTI founders)

Eleanor Hill

MA(cantab), MA(RCA)

Tom Leahy

MA(cantab), MA(RCA)