(Photograph of the Mock-up Room, Mr Tang)

PARTI are making a 1:1 prototype of a hotel room to test the construction method, materials and details.




(Testing footprints on site)

PARTI are thrilled to have received planning permission for a 450 bedroom hotel on Kangeroo Island, South Australia

IMG_6384 copy


IMG_6414 copy

(Photographs from Lunch, and with host, Mr. Xie)

Eleanor and Tom were hosted in Shenzhen to meet with investors, and to discus the American River development.









(model of proposal, photograph Sam Noonan Photography)


PARTI has submitted a planning application for a 250 room hotel + small boating harbour in the town of American River, Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

In a few months, PARTI will travel back to South Australia to carry out a public consultation, government design reviews, and meet with our many consultants in response to our application.

American River

(bedroom view followed by harbour view)


PARTI presents the American River Project to the office of Design and Architecture, South Australia (ODASA) in 1st Design Review for planning approval.

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 17.16.16





(plan followed by photos of the site)

PARTI moves to Australia for 4 months.


004_43 Valley view

(view of hotel)


PARTI presents the American River hotel project to MA Bartlett students (March GAD RC5) – with a particular focus on the relationship between landscape and architecture; environmental protection; and innovative construction methods.

Programmatic Diagram

(photo of artwork)


PARTI collaborates with Masters Unit (MarchGAD RC5) at the Bartlett, UCL, allowing students to carry out their research within the frame-work of the American River projects


(factories, Shanghai)

PARTI visits factories in and around Shanghai (researching for the American River Project), in order to begin the design process with knowledge of how it may be made.

Parti American River site


Parti American River site 2

(photo of artwork)

PARTI visits American River, on Kangeroo Island in South Australia. We were surprised to stumble across the end of a rainbow, right in the middle of our site!