Status: Research Project
Date: 2015 - ongoing


Nichecraft, an on going study, speculates on the emerging ‘cultural long tail’ as a result of an ever more individual digital culture. As mass market declines, we are increasingly divided into multiple interest groups born and organised through online media - these ‘Niches’ have particular implications for every traditional architecture from ‘Work space’ to ‘Retail Centres’ and questions the democratic principles upon which we develop neutral public space.

Nowadays, rich data-sets inform us in real-time with current images, aesthetics, and sentiments as they trend and change. PARTI have been working for 3 years with Starcount, experts in digital social analytics to understand how web communities manifest offline. Niches become real when their digital communities grow and are spawned into physical buildings where like-minded people visit for learning, hobbying and socialising. The research investigates the aesthetic tropes, community potency and the latency between the digital meme and physical mirror.