Jefferson Sq is an existing retail park in the Californian Desert. PARTI have been employed to propose a brief and design for a mixed-use scheme. PARTI have proposed a hotel, food market, and boutique retail strip.

The hotel is to be pre-fabricated, and is simply arranged around a courtyard. Five room types stack over three floors, and predominantly look inward. The internal façade of the courtyard is characterised by light, exterior curtains that give privacy to the balconies.

The courtyard is open to the public, and designed as a piece of ‘beach’, a particular type of public space that encourages a range of activities. The 80m length of courtyard slopes into water at one side.

The different program help each other - the hotel restaurant is connected to the food market, vendors supply cooked dishes to the hotel restaurant encouraging a high-quality selection of restaurants to the market. The boutique retail units provide a rare opportunity to browse smaller-scale shops down a European street-scape typology, rather than large retail parks that make up nearby cities. 


Jefferson Square, Palm Springs, US
Status: In planning
Date: 2016 - ongoing