Sizergh Quarry, The Lake District
Status: Planning permission granted
Date: 2018 - ongoing


Sited within a disused limestone quarry in the Lake District, PARTI have received planning permission for a housing scheme, comprised of dwellings, a courtyard garden, event space and sauna.

Here the man-altered landscape forms an opening, where we imagine an alluring collection of buildings. Carefully positioned glazing cap­tures the light reaching the quarry and reflects the surrounding wooded slopes. The buildings gently push up to 50 metre high quarry walls that become the fourth wall of each room.

Structural concrete flank walls, tied together with a lightweight timber structure, are carefully detailed to translate the weight of the quarry stone into the material vocabulary of the architecture. A thick stone wall is constructed using limestone from the quarry and wraps around the dwellings, acting as both a way to mediate levels of privacy between dwell­ings and to enclose a vibrant central shared garden.