Kangaroo Island Lodges, Australia
Status: Planning permission granted
Date: 2015 - ongoing



The Lodges Resort is a proposal for Langham Hospitality Group for a resort hotel on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

The proposal breaks up the typical ‘hotel block’, to propose 8 boutique lodges. These are carefully placed at different locations across the site to take advantages of the variety of landscapes and views – each lodge providing a different experience for guests.

The ground floor of each lodge contains a different hotel programme, with 6 floors of luxury accommodation above. The hotel facilities have been located at specific parts of the site, either to achieve expansive views; nestle into trees; of spill out onto flat land for activities and games. The master-plan has been carefully organised to make the most of the natural conditions of the site – including views, sunlight and topography

The buildings are all connected with a simple buggy path that loops around the site, preserving expansive views across the landscape. By separating the facilities across the site, guests feel like they are staying in intimate and isolated lodges that reflect the quality of this quiet island, but have access to all the facilities of a large hotel.

PARTI have designed the Lodges as distinct sculptural beacons in the wild landscape, referencing the stark agricultural buildings they observed on visits to the Island such as grain silos and agricultural sheds. Contextual materials and forms, combined with references of farming infrastructure, create a bold architectural language derived from the existing climatic condition of the island – a practical response to ensure thermal comfort and good natural light within all spaces.



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