Pods and Panels
Status: Research Project
Date: 2016 - ongoing


PARTI are exploring the potentials of modular and prefabricated construction through the design of several modular projects, and through research. The practice particularly focuses this interest into investigating the use of prefabrication and modular construction in hotels, often sited in remote and environmentally sensitive parts of the world that present a challenge to construction.

We have designed an adaptable hotel room that can be transported, by container ship, to any location and adapted to suit any climate around the world. We have also developed a light gauge steel pod and panel system, designed to fit into a generic shipping container and assembled on site. The driving parameters of the Pods + Panels are that they can be designed for optimised shipping efficiency, reducing the costs and the time required for assembly on site.

This research extends into the development of a core system that would contain full bathrooms, WCs and entrance ways. These highly serviced areas are some of the most complex areas in any build, thus the prefabrication of these elements has a dramatic reduction to the time spent on site. PARTI, are designing this system to eliminate any need for additional structure, which is where the design aims to improve upon many of the bathroom pods types that are currently available.



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