Rydon Street, London
Status: Completed
Date: 2016 - 2018


Rydon Street is a terraced house within Arlington Grove Conservation area. PARTI were employed to renovate the 4-storey house and maximise light to the basement level through an extension. Previously, the house was a rabbit-hole of ad-hoc additions, with little light reaching the lower ground floor.

PARTI achieved an ambitious planning permission first time round, securing a 2.5 storey glazed extension at the back of the house, looking into a checker board of interconnected gardens, characterised by the willow tree. 

The design splits the façade into half with two 3.5 by 5 metre large doors to the garden. The forms are angled, reflecting the V-shaped butterfly roofs of neighbouring houses.

Care is taken to preserve the Victorian house, but reorganised to suit contemporary needs, views through to the garden capture the layers of development – through the Victorian shutters and 5 metre high glazed doors. 


PARTI Rydon Construction
PARTI Elevation
PARTI Rydon Axo